Lost Landmarks of Smethwick, Volume I

Dorothy Parkes
(available from
November 2023)




Smethwick Windmill, Soho Works, Smethwick Engine House and Pumping Station



Smethwick Communications, Selections from Smethwick Telephone in 1900



The Thimblemill: The Brook, The Boggies and the Glory Hills, Warley Woods, Humphry Repton



The Air Raids on Smethwick
Smethwick in Wartime



Parasols and Privies,
Shops and Shopping, (Reminiscences)



Old Chapel Inn,
Old Chapel Farm



Smethwick House/Hall,
Shireland Hall,
The Spout House


*Omnibus Editions which include “A History of Smethwick (Brief Outline)

Single Titles:

A Happy Century to Everyone – Smethwick in 1799


A Survey of Smethwick in 1828 (A3 map)


Smethwick Timeline (chronological events
in Smethwick 1086 – 2007)


Ursula: A History of The Bear at Bearwood
(primarily for children)


A look at the Life of Dorothy Parkes


A Walk through Smethwick in 1850


Early Years at Holly Lodge Boys School


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